It Has Been Pretty Much Across The Board Ever Since The 2008 Market Crash And Other Economic And Market Factors Severely Impacted Media Companies.

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When most papers were limited to two writers at the Masters, the Morning News was grandfathered in with three seats in the press room. Yet on the Sunday when Spieth put on the green jacket, the Dallas Morning News did not have a single reporter in Augusta to cover the hometown kid. Their coverage of Spieths triumph, which included a 1-A piece, came from staffers based in Dallas with the exception of a story from a free-lance reporter on site. Over the last 10 years, that might have been the most telling thing Ive seen when it comes to whats happened with golf and the media, said Doug Ferguson, the longtime golf writer for the Associated Press. Jordan Spieth wins the Masters, and the Dallas Morning News isnt there? Are you kidding me? If theres only one voice out there, thats just not healthy for anyone. It hurts everyone. To be fair, the Dallas Morning News hardly is alone in dramatically cutting back on its commitment to golf. It has been pretty much across the board ever since the 2008 market crash and other economic and market factors severely impacted media companies. Most newspapers, beset with reduced resources and staff, no longer cover majors and many dont even have a reporter assigned to golf.

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