Rapper | Record Producer | Actor | Entrepreneur Sean Combs Is One Of The Causes In 2005.

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Steph Curry had 7 points including a long ball, three boardsand two assists. Seth kicked in two boards and two assists himself. First Curry to score is Seth on a 3-pointer with 10:15 to play in 1Q Jori Epstein (@JoriEpstein) March 22, 2017 Update, 7:45 p.m. Minutes before tipoff, members of the Warriorsorganizations said it's an exciting night for their teams and the Curry family. "It's just a cool night," Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. "It's great for the Curry family. I can only imagine watching my kids play against each other in the NBA. That's got to be an unbelievable thrill for Dell and Sonya. And it's fun for us." Kerr said Seth Curry has been around the Warriors in recent years.

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